Dear members and friends of the Lambton Mental Wellness Centre,

We want to thank everyone for their continued support, patience, and adaptability with our services during these very unique times. We have all faced shared and unique challenges in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Our best efforts to maximize access to mental health peer support, has always been through a lens of health and safety for all.

 LMWC staff and Board of Directors are working on our reopening plans. We continually review and adjust our individual, virtual, and in-person service plans, policies and guidelines as directed by the appropriate authorities.

 A pandemic situation means that it will not be, “business as usual”, for many agencies. The very nature of a novel virus, requires ongoing adaptation to directives set by Public Health and Occupational Health and Safety authorities. Therefore, our reopening preparations require great flexibility to respond accordingly. As the province begins moving into Stage 3 of the Pandemic response we are, once again, in the process of modifying our services. Plans are in the works to ensure that all necessary supplies and equipment are accessible and in place in a timely manner, to ensure we are meeting health and safety requirements.

Our top priority is our due diligence to ensure all members, staff, and friends of the Lambton Mental Wellness Centre, stay healthy and safe. We are all looking forward to returning to in-person services, and hope that our cautious process provides reassurance that we are doing everything possible to protect each other.

We want you to feel safe and comfortable to share your thoughts with us in an effort to soothe concerns and create an atmosphere of calm. If you wish to send any feedback or safety concerns regarding our return to in-person services, please email them to

We are all in this together,

Cheryl Iacobelli

Executive Director


We understand the importance of providing an avenue for MUCH NEEDED SOCIAL CONNECTION during these very unique times.
Our current services have been adapted to provide a variety of mental health peer support VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING and individual calls when needed.


We are providing a virtual session every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 for family member/caregivers who are supporting a loved one with mental health challenges.

(Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
We are so thankful to have received funding through the Sarnia Community Foundation Community Impact Grant to be able to offer In person sessions begin in November. This program is for individuals living in a rural area within Lambton County.

Please note that we will continue to strictly enforce strict guidelines and expectations of confidentiality during all of our virtual sessions.
For more information or to register please email or call 519-344-5602 and we would be happy to help get you connected.

Lambton Mental Wellness Centre

Mental Health Peer and Family Support Programs


United Way Sarnia-Lambton has provided us with a very generous donation to purchase tablets to support our efforts to virtually connect our rural senior members. We are so grateful for this support to now be able to connect those who are in great need for connection and mental health peer support.


The Lambton Mental Wellness Centre would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to the Sarnia Community Foundation for all of the amazing support they have provided us with over the last 2 years.

Without their very generous support and consideration for our mental health peer support services we would not have been able to develop and grow much needed mental health supports.

Below is a summary of all the incredible financial support we have received from the foundation. This support has provided us the opportunity to quickly respond to the increasing need for mental health supports to our community members.

Community Impact Grant 2020
Through the collaboration of the LMWC and CLFHT we are now able to provide mental health peer support to our rural community members. We will be running 4 W.R.A.P. sessions at the CLFHT in Petrolia beginning in November 2020. The WRAP program supports self-directed prevention strategies and provides an evidence-based wellness process, action plans, awareness, and rights for individuals who are seeking to make positive changes to support their mental wellness

Thanks to the very generous donation from the Hogan Family Fund we were able to create and facilitate a WRAP for employment program through a partnership with the Community Law School and The Workplace Group. This program provides participants with the opportunity to strengthen their skills and abilities for an increased chance at employment success. The program focuses on key components of prevention & maintenance strategies, development of individualized wellness process, support successful planning for healthy participation in the workplace, increasing legal literacy with an emphasis on the rights to accommodation in the workplace and ongoing direct linkage for specific job readiness needs and skills

 Funds from this gala were used to support the needs of staff and our members as we transitioned to virtual and phone support for individual’s mental health support needs during the Pandemic response to COVID 19.  These funds allowed us to financially support staff transition to work virtually and purchase equipment to support members needing device equity and individual staff time to teach them how to use devices and become knowledgeable with accessing the virtual platform.

Receiving support from this Government of Canada fund has enabled us to prepare for our physical space for a safe reopening as soon as possible. We have been able to access some protective equipment, cleaning /sanitation equipment and supplies, as well as, increasing cleaning/sanitation procedures. We continue to work diligently on our policies and following Public Health officials for a safe in person reopening as soon as possible.

Group Guidelines

  1. Confidentiality – what is said in session MUST stay in session
  2. Headphones – if you are in a shared living space
  3. Non-Triggering Language
  4. Safe word is “Pineapple” staff will pop you into the waiting room and connect with you to make sure you are safe
  5. All participants must be a Registered Member of the Lambton Mental Wellness Centre
  6. Staff will ask that you mute your microphone when not speaking (this helps with feedback)
  7. Group facilitators will utilize the feature to mute or remove a participant if necessary
  8. If you are choosing to leave the meeting early please advise facilitators so we know you are safe
  9. If you are needing to connect with facilitators after the meeting send us a message in the chat box
  10. Our share screen is for facilitators only at this time
  11. Please be present and minimize distractions during the meeting
  12. We focus on how we are feeling today and not specific incidences or details
  13. Remember we are all unique, so what works for me may not work for you, and that is okay Type your paragraph here.